Free Art Fair



Artists Anonymous (more)
Centre of Attention (more)
Matthew Collings (more)
Jimmy Conway-Dyer (more)
Sacha Craddock
Stuart Cumberland (more)
Adam Dant (more)
Stephen Farthing (more)
Rose Gibbs (more)
Luke Gottelier (mail)
Alex Hamilton (more)
Peter Harris (more)
Pablo Helguera (more)
Saron Hughes
Lee Johnson
Sayshun Jay
James Jessop (more)
Chantal Joffe (more)
Jasper Joffe (more)
Peter Lamb (more)
Cathy Lomax (more)
Amanda Loomes (more)
Marta Marce (more)
Bruce McLean
Alex Gene Morrison (more)
Stephen Nelson
House of O’Dwyer (more)
Harry Pye (more)
Danny Rolph (more)
Martin Sexton (more)
Bob & Roberta Smith (more)
Terry Smith (more)
Geraldine Swayne (more)
Chris Tosic (more)
Gavin Turk (more)
Markus Vater (more)
Stella Vine (more)
Michael Ward
Douglas White (more)
Charlie Woolley (more)

With performances by:

Frog Morris (more)
Lee Campbell (more)
Mark Dean Quinn
Laura Wilson
Dora Wade
Adrian Lee
Jenny Baines
Rebecca Birch
Calum F.Kerr
Jordan McKenzie
Charlotte Young
Victoria Melody
Alex Staiger
Peter Bond
Sarah Turner
Daniel Lehan

Last updated on 8 September 2008