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One hour before the forms go into the draw!


  1. Well done for today! Despite of not bringing anything home still loved and enjoyed seeing other people excited. I hope you change your mind and organise another one next year. If so see you then. L

    —Lavinia Freitas, 18/10/09 08:46

  2. Bulgarian biochemist is trying to get in touch with some of the people she met at the 2008 fair, in particular the nurse, the half German half Bulgarian trainee solicitor, and the Portuguese postgrad student. Apologies for not remembering your names. It is regarding looking for a new home for my free art piece. Shame I did not see any of you at the 2009 event, but the atmosphere was not conducive to meeting people.
    Please e-mail freeartfair2008(AT)

    —Maria, 19/10/09 10:26

  3. I’d like to know if you have any upcoming events planned

    sarah london, 20/09/12 09:29

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