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The Free Art Fair 2008 is complete!

Phew. Sorry if you’ve been trying to see the website, it’s been down all day because we had too many hits because the free art fair was the lead picture story on the bbc news site! It is a good problem to have in a way, but has taken most of the day to fix.
Anyway, the give-away was brilliant. More than a hundred people queued, many overnight. Matthew Collings’ picture was the first piece to go, and the people who got work seemed really happy when they got it. Below are a few links to coverage, and please post your stories here as well. It was live on BBC News throughout the day, and on ITV London Tonight, the BBC World Service and Radio 5. I will be posting pictures, video etc soon and the pdf of the catalogue wil be put up for you to download. I am interested in how you think The Free Art Fair should develop, also criticisms, praise, and all other ideas! Thank you all the artists, helpers, queuers, and others who made it great. JJ about 9 mins 20 secs in

Daniel Lehan “Free Art”


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